Dermaster Clinic Network Worldwide, Representative Director

Beauty mentor, Dr. Kwon Han Jin, the current representative director of Dermaster Clinic Network Worldwide, has brought significant improvement to the medical technology based on rich procedure experiences since opening in 2002. As a result of consistent efforts to develop procedures of skin and beauty treatment, numerous renowned procedures were developed. For example, 3D Ultra V Lift, Hiko Nose Lifting, Ultra 5 Line, PRP cannula technique, stem-cell transplantation of fat and stem cell hair growth, just to mention a few. New medical treatments are consistently studied and developed so that they can be disseminated to domestic and foreign medical teams in dermatology and cosmetic surgery field. Now, Dermaster Clinic Network Worldiwde has expanded from Seoul to Hong Kong, Taipeh, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Los Angeles and Bangkok, Thailand.